IMPACT is a multi-year comprehensive campaign to advance Houghton College’s timeless mission in the rapidly changing circumstances of the 21st century.

This vital campaign celebrates:

  • The transformative IMPACT the Houghton College experience has on our students
  • The ongoing IMPACT a Houghton education has on our alumni
  • The Kingdom IMPACT our alumni have on the world
  • The local and regional IMPACT Houghton has on its communities
  • The IMPACT our donors have in shaping the future of Houghton College.

CAMPAIGN GOAL: Expand Houghton’s Capacity for Global IMPACT.

Total progress - 65%

$45,522,448/$70,000,000 goal

A Conversation with Kim (Kerr ’91) Pegula

by Shelley (Smith ’93) Noyes 

  • How Firm a Foundation - Unofficially dubbed “THE QUEEN OF BUFFALO” and “one of the most powerful women in American sports,” Buffalo Bills co-owner Kim (Kerr ’91) Pegula is down-to-earth, easy to talk to and ready to laugh. She is serious about her work in Buffalo but doesn’t take herself too seriously.