The IMPACT of Endowment

Houghton College is a Place of IMPACT

It was a place of impact in the 19th century as it sought to provide an education to the “poor boys and girls of Allegany County.” It was a place of impact in the 20th century as it grew from a small seminary to a fully accredited and nationally recognized four-year liberal arts college. It is a place of impact now, in the 21st century, as it extends its IMPACT to a diverse body of scholar servants leading and laboring for Kingdom impact in a world that desperately needs them.

This timeless mission of impact is ours to secure for future generations. A powerful way to secure Houghton’s mission is through endowment. Endowed chairs (to support the work of faculty or staff), endowed programs (academic, co-curricular or extra-curricular) or named endowed scholarships are legacy investments preserving the impact of Houghton College today, tomorrow and long into the future.

Honors at Houghton

Science Research Institute

The Summer Research Institute is an undergraduate research program that brings together motivated physics, chemistry, biology, math and computer science students into an intense research environment. Faculty and students work together during the summer months on research projects, providing students with opportunities to learn through research.


Center for Faith, Justice and Global Engagement

The Center for Faith, Justice and Global Engagement seeks to provide a cocurricular, in-depth exploration of the intersection of faith and justice. The cornerstone of the Center is the annual Faith and Justice Symposium, an event that challenges individuals to think about the intersection of faith and justice as they pertain to a particular global issue, to explore practical application, and to effect a positive change in local and global communities.

Past Symposium Topics:

  • Immigration and refugees
  • Human trafficking
  • Global poverty and hunger
  • War, conflict and violence
  • Environmental justice

Center for Data Science Analytics

The Center for Data Science Analytics (CDSA) is a non-profit, academic organization bringing together students, faculty, alumni, and industry to create an environment of multidisciplinary collaboration and innovation. It will develop co-curricular programs to support the next generation of data scientists; establish new corporate and alumni partnerships for support; and, through our student-led consulting program, generate data solutions serving our region and the world. The CDSA will parallel Data Science curriculum with focus on Data Science for Business, Data Science for Healthcare, Sports Analytics, and Data Science for Social Good.