Access and Affordability

Ensuring that Houghton’s academically challenging, Christ-centered education impacts students from diverse traditions and economic backgrounds.

Access and Affordability - 100%

$39,546,013/$33,000,000 goal

Student Scholarship Fund

The Student Scholarship Fund supports scholarships for Houghton students. Every dollar given directly funds a Houghton student’s education.

Aid and Cost

Every year, Houghton invests over
in student aid
2017-18 Tuition
Average Student Financial Aid Package
from Houghton

Making Houghton Affordable


One day out of the year, Houghton College staff, faculty, students, friends and alumni come together to support the Student Scholarship Fund. Lead donors offer matching dollar challenges as well as a challenge to reach a particular number of donors, all within a 24-hour period. In 2018, over 2,180 donors came together to raise over $1,000,000, supporting student scholarships, capital projects and more.

From the past three One Day Giving Challenges:

New Supporters: 1,718
Total Unique Supporters Participating: 4,192
Total Dollars Raised $4,784,753.75

Endowed Scholarships

Endowing a scholarship is an ideal way to leave a lasting impact on the future of Houghton College. Endowment funds provide a continuous, annual flow of critical scholarship aid to Houghton College students. The initial gift is protected and invested wisely, and grows in perpetuity. The interest generated provides student scholarships. The Office of Advancement works closely with donors to determine specific scholarship criteria. Some donors prefer to allow Houghton to award scholarships to those students with the greatest financial need. Others prefer to benefit students meeting certain criteria such as geographic location or area of study. An endowment is an enduring giving opportunity providing the satisfaction of knowing your generosity and investment will dramatically impact future generations of Houghton students.

Endowed Scholarships – An Enduring Legacy

Shehan Rodrigo ’19

  • The Attainable Dream - Growing up in Sri Lanka, I never imagined attending a four-year college. The cost made it an unattainable dream. When God opened my eyes to the possibility of attending college, I had no idea how my family would afford it. My financial situation would never have allowed me to pursue such a thing. Houghton College… Continue reading The Attainable Dream