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Joanna Sudlow

From the moment she obtained a flock of chickens and a rabbit as a young girl, Joanna Sudlow ’15 has loved working with animals. Fittingly, when she came to Houghton, she chose to major in equestrian studies, adding a business major in her second year. She now works as an animal trainer at Sight & Sound Theatres in Strasburg, PA, an organization that puts on largescale Biblical theatre productions.

Sudlow’s college career nurtured her affinity for animals and business. She interned at Royal Academy of Art in the Netherlands and at Hunter’s Bay Sport Horses in Virginia and dedicated her summers to serving as a counselor at Houghton’s equestrian camp. At Houghton, Sudlow learned “to dig for answers, continuously ‘sharpen the saw’ in my area of study, and not be afraid to explore new areas of knowledge.”

Sudlow recalls how God showed Himself in the little things. God was visible in “the encouragement received at just the right time from a friend or professor and the financial aid that came through. Over and over, He proved His faithfulness.”