Access and Affordability, Stories of Impact

Stephanie McMahon

As a self-proclaimed planner, Stephanie McMahon ’19 likes to see details sketched out. During her time at Houghton as a biology major with a chemistry minor, she has witnessed God’s gentle guidance down unfamiliar avenues, shaping and molding her life and calling for His purposes.

McMahon came to Houghton eager to pursue a field of study that she was passionate about—as well as participate in a sport that was dear to her—in an environment that encouraged Christ-centered growth. When, in a pivotal moment, she questioned her ability to balance her major and her place on the basketball team, conversations with her coaches Alicia (Campbell ’01) Mucher and Raegan Ryan, as well as support from chemistry professor Dr. Karen (Reese ’93) Torraca, encouraged her to stay steadfast and keep pursuing both. “It was in that moment I learned that I didn’t have to do everything on my own or have it all together all the time.”