Access and Affordability

The Attainable Dream

Growing up in Sri Lanka, I never imagined attending a four-year college. The cost made it an unattainable dream. When God opened my eyes to the possibility of attending college, I had no idea how my family would afford it. My financial situation would never have allowed me to pursue such a thing. Houghton College offered me a generous financial aid package, turning my dream into a reality. Both the Admission Office and the Student Financial Services Office worked out various plans and scholarships that changed my entire situation, making a college education possible.

During my time at Houghton, I have grown in my understanding of God and His grand purpose for my life. My preconceived notions of what I wanted are being challenged as I come to understand more about what God wants for me. God has used my peers and professors to sharpen and challenge me greatly. At Houghton, I have had the distinct pleasure of making friends from all over the world and have studied under phenomenal professors who have stretched me beyond my comfort zone.

I am currently studying Music and Theology. My desire is to take the Word of God to people and places where traditional church ministries cannot go. I seek to reach these people using music as a conversation starter. By studying both Music and Theology, I strive to become a better musician while learning more about God’s Word and how to teach it to others.