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IMPACT is a multi-year comprehensive campaign to advance Houghton College’s timeless mission in the rapidly changing circumstances of the 21st century.

This vital campaign celebrates:

  • The transformative IMPACT the Houghton College experience has on our students
  • The ongoing IMPACT a Houghton education has on our alumni
  • The Kingdom IMPACT our alumni have on the world
  • The local and regional IMPACT Houghton has on its communities
  • The IMPACT our donors have in shaping the future of Houghton College.

CAMPAIGN GOAL: Expand Houghton’s Capacity for Global IMPACT.

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A Message from the President

  • Message from the President - IMPACT. In one word, that is the timeless mission of Houghton College. We seek to facilitate, in the words of Webster’s, the “force of impression of one thing on another.” First, we invite the deep imprint of a transformational education on the intellectual, spiritual, social and personal development of aspiring men and women. Second, we… Continue reading Message from the President

A Conversation with Kim (Kerr ’91) Pegula

by Shelley (Smith ’93) Noyes 

  • How Firm a Foundation - Unofficially dubbed “THE QUEEN OF BUFFALO” and “one of the most powerful women in American sports,” Buffalo Bills co-owner Kim (Kerr ’91) Pegula is down-to-earth, easy to talk to and ready to laugh. She is serious about her work in Buffalo but doesn’t take herself too seriously.